Communities Organized for Public Service (C.O.P.S.) and the Metro Alliance are a coalition of congregations, schools, and unions coming together so that we can effectively act on behalf of families. C.O.P.S. and the Metro Alliance work within each of these institutions to identify a diverse, broad-based leadership that can connect to each other in new ways in order to act effectively on behalf of children, families, and neighborhoods. By learning to work together for the public good, C.O.P.S. and Metro Alliance leaders are able to work with the business community and elected officials to make San Antonio a better place for families.

As important as the issues that C.O.P.S. and Metro Alliance address are, the relationships that leaders develop and foster within their institutions and among leaders from the racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse institutions that comprise these organizations are the foundation of broad-based community organizing.

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July 30, 2014

COPS / Metro Alliance Religious Call on President to Stop Speedy Deportations

1407 - SAEN - Rev. Kelly Allen at Press Conference on UACClergy and leadership from Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Catholic and Muslim congregations of COPS / Metro delivered a joint statement calling on the President and Congress to demonstrate hospitality to children arriving on the border from Central America.

“Don’t send them back as if they were animals,” argued Fr. Walter D’Heedene of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Speakers underscored that each child should have an attorney, get thorough processing (accorded in the 2008 Wilberforce Act) and have more exposure to vetted religious and social service organizations so that they do not become isolated.

COPS / Metro Alliance is one of five Texas IAF organizations calling on Congress to preserve the protections that currently exist for Central American children.

[Photo Credit: Tom Reel, San Antonio Express-News]

Interfaith Group Calls for Just, Kind Policies Toward Child Immigrants, San Antonio Express News

Líderes Religiosos Piden Justicia y Compasión Para los Niños Migrantes, Univisión

For more information see the Immigration page or contact the COPS/Metro office at (210) 222-2367

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  1. Jo Ann S. Martinez says:

    I just saw 29 Fox NEWS on the Television, and this would be a Blessing to bring our Min, Pay up. It seems we are not payed evenly with the cost of living to survive. I have been with SAISD and I am trying to put my son Thur College and now I received a letter to foreclose on my home. This would help some of us. I am worth more then the pay i get. This is sad, not being able to hold a simple life. Cant buy much food. Cant see the Doctor to stay healthy because of the cost. When you have to skip a day of food to see the doctor, that’s not a way to live.

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